Vadim Perman

Directors of the Pricing Department, Ministry of Health

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Since 2012, Vadim directs the costing area in the Budgeting, Planning and Costing department of the Health Ministry. He is responsible for promoting changes in the accounting system between the hospitals and the HMO's, and for oversight of maximum prices for medications - issues that are key factors in the determination of incentives for optimal patient care and for national health expenditures. In his previous position in the Ministry, Vadim served as an economist in the same department in the Hospitals Unit, where he was responsible for, among other things, promoting the economic independence of the government hospitals.

Between the years 2008-2010, Vadim was a lecturer, tutor and teaching assistant for economic subjects, and also coordinated the Macro team in the 2008 Caesarea Forum.

Vadim has an MA in Economics and Business Administration with a specialty in Finance from the Program for Exceptional Students in the Hebrew University and a BA in Economics and Management with distinction from the "Amirim" program with an emphasis on Finance, also from the Hebrew University.

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בין השנים 2010-2008 היה ודים מרצה, מתרגל ועוזר הוראה במקצועות הכלכלה וכן שימש כמרכז צוות המקרו במסגרת פורום קיסריה 2008.

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